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  1. I bought a new Holiday Rambler Vacationer in May 2018, it had the diamond Shield on it. After about a year I noticed mold growind under the diamond shield. I contacted the company and got no results. It got so bad tht I had to pay to have it removed. I had a Company in Dover Florida remove it. It cost $400.00. I did not have it replaced. they did a great job and it looked again like a new coach. the company was called Allied Power. They also replace film but use another brand.
  2. I am hoping someone can help me with a problem I have on the Carefree Mirage awning I have on my 2017 Holiday Rambler Vacationer. It has fell on the back side of the awning. The wind was not the problem. This is the second time this has happened. I climbed up a ladder and looked at it and I don't see what is happening. It has been back to dealer three times with awning problems and I would attempt to make the repair myself if I knew what to do. Anyone here with Mirage experience?
  3. I am 82 years old and just bought the first new motor home. The one I turned in was a 2004 Gulf stream Sun Voyager. Well I thought for my last hurrah I would but a new one. I thought I had researched it pretty good but boy did I learn fast. I bought a Holiday Rambler Vacationer 35K. We love the way it is set up and have camped in it for 5 days. But the things I don't like is the lack of quality control by REV. Before we could take delivery the dash air had to be repaired. Awning is not being fully stored, missing screws, paint chips, rear fender missing screws and loose, trim inside loose and one piece looked like a beaver had chewed on it. After camping 5 days we then had a water leak when it rained ( General tells me they can't find it ) Vacuum unit for the toilets runs off and on like there is a vac leak, dash radio does not work ( this radio has been ordered since 1st part of June) and a few other things. Right now General tells me they are waiting for the radio, vacuum flush unit, and awning parts. It makes no sense to me that it takes them weeks and weeks to get these parts when I bet I could have it sent to me overnight if I wanted to pay for them. It makes me sick to think that you pay over 100 thousand dollars for a motor home and then have this kind of problems. I would never again buy a new one. I will let someone else have all this problems. I guess I am just a old man who does not understand how our world works.
  4. Check and make sure your windshield has not moved. I had the same problem and found that the right side windshield had moved. It had to be reset.
  5. I have a 2004 Gulfstream Sun voyager with the same lock. About 3 years ago we were in TN and left the motor home to check on our laundry at the wash house. When we returned to the Motor home and I put the key in the lock it turned as if it was unlocking but nothing. I finally found a younger lady who was camping near by and she was able to get into the motor home by way of a small window that I was able to unlock. She then tried to get the door open from the inside but could not so she unlocked one of the larger windows and I crawled into the motor home and got some tools and took off the inside part of the lock. I still was unable to get it open. I then with a lot of help from other campers started drilling into the lock to see if I could pull back the broken latch. After about an hour we finally got it open. I contacted Trimark and they did not even return my call. I don't know what we would have done if it weren't for the other campers that helped us out. Every since I have left at least one window unlocked where I could get in and get the dog. I guess if it happened at night we would have to either sleep in the car or try to find a motel somewhere. The latch is made of white medal and should be constructed of a better material.
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