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  1. I found LOVE. As a widow I was traveling off and on with a singles RV club called "Wandering Individual Network." There was to be a gathering south of Quartzite, Ariz., and another lady and I had arrived a few days early. We had gone over to Bouse to meet a friend for dinner and music and didn't get back to our RV's until later that night. She didn't have a car so I dropped her off at her motorhome and parked by mine. We notice a fifth-wheel parked by us but didn't recognize it, no WIN emblem and it was dark. I had said if God wanted me to have another man in my life he would put him on my doorstep. The next morning about 8 there was a knock on my door and the man from the 5th wheel was asking me what the gathering would be like as he had never been to one. I invited him in and as all RVers tend to do said, "where are you from?" We narrowed it down to the same small town in Ohio. We had never met, so it was on to the "who do you know." I trained his sister to do our job at the hospital, and my neighbor's daughter bought his house. We have been together since Dec 9, 2005. Talked him into a motorhome. A new "one" for both of us. Moving two households into one RV while traveling was a lot of fun. Took four of us four days to move into the motorhome and 11 yards sales and 4 truck loads to thrift shops.
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