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  1. 2016 Pheaton Indiana would have been $2880 the first year, reducing 10% over 10 years, two years in Indiana would be $5472 South Dakota $576 every year for 10 years = $5760 Sold everything in Indiana, we are now domiciled in SD and no state income tax Happy in SD
  2. What is the total monthly bill for the FMCA MIFI plan with taxes and fees?
  3. Jana0623, I also have a 2016 40 AH with the same problem. This has been happening since we purchased it in June 2016. Did you ever get it fixed? I just discovered that there are air bubbles in the return fuel line, apparently getting in around the fuel filter. I bypassed the filter today and no bubbles now. I will run it a few days again to see what happens then let you know. Lots of people are having this problem and no one seems to have found the reason.
  4. My Cherokee has been a PIA but now seems to be OK with the kit. I added a relay in place of the toggle switch as discussed on this forum. It seemed like a great idea. Here is my experience and one last question for the forum. Sorry this is rather long but may help others with their Cherokee. In North Carolina (my relay was still used in place of the toggle switch), the parking brake came as I hooked up on so I disconnected everything and started the process all over. Then the engine would not start and the dash display said "power steering service required" and various other strange things happened. A rollback took it to a dealer since it would not start. After staying unplanned for an extra week, the dealer said it suddenly started OK. They cleared a lot of error messages and it worked OK. I believe my addition of a relay in place of the toggle switch caused part of the problem. It was triggered on at the same time as the under hood relay was energized. I believe both relays engaging at the exact same time created confusion on the network buss. I went back to the factory toggle switch and so far no problem except for the following observation: Steering stays activated: I noticed that the steering stays active for 17 minutes after the toggle switch is turned off and the relay under the hood is de-energized. I have seen others comment about this. I have avoided any ignition sequence to get it back to driving mode until the steering goes inactive. So far this has worked OK but the Jeep is often setting in the roadway for 20 minutes before I dare try to move it. I do not want to risk another incident as I believe starting the vehicle while the steering is still powered up may have been the cause of my issue in North Carolina. I would appreciate others sharing their experience regarding the steering remaining active.
  5. We have the kit installed BUT the steps required are a PIA. It was towed three times OK then we were in NC in November, hooked up and the rear wheels were locked up. Brake was off. I disconnected again and went through the steps again. Then the car went nuts. Would start and run 3 seconds, odometer was flashing, dash display said steering requires service. Called the rollback, hauled to the closest dealer. We planned to be in NC for one day but the dealer had it for a week. The problem disappeared while they were checking it, could not duplicate it. Lots of error codes and most cleared when it started working again. I assume the EXACT sequence must be followed when setting up and again when disconnecting from towing mode. I now have my own instruction sheet (attached) made from the exact steps in the owner manual with the switch and fuse instructions inserted where it belongs. Setup has 22 steps, disconnect has 17 steps. I hope this works but we do not trust it. Lots of extra stress every time we tow because it takes 10 minutes to connect and another 10 minutes to disconnect. Busy camp grounds will not be happy with me whoile blocking the roadway. We do not want to be staying extra days somewhere while a dealer tries to get it working again. We like the Cherokee but maybe we should be towing a Wrangler. We had two Wrangler over the last 12 years and no issues. I am curious if anyone else has had issues. Jeep does not seem to have any clue about the whole thing. Cherokee Towing Setup Rev-1.xls
  6. Sorry, should have posted this two weeks ago. We now have power steering after a long ordeal. We have not towed the Cherokee yet, waiting until the kit was working. We are in Pigeon Forge for three more weeks so then we will tow for the first time.When I tried the steering it did not work then I pulled the fuse out to scratch my head. This was also tried at my dealer, same result. At the third trip to the dealer, they discovered that the steering does not activate immediately but does so after a 20-30 second delay. That fact is not in any instructions and Jeep factory support did not tell them about that. The 10a fuse does not power the steering, just the ECM and another module. Those modules control the steering only, the steering motor gets power directly from the battery. The delay is the time for the modules to boot up. Bottom line is, my steering was working from day one. I told Jeep that the instruction card in the kit should mention this and perhaps save others the trouble I have been through.I sure hope this is a real fix for the wobble. The prior post here now causes some doubt about kit being the cure. I hope others will chime in here and let us know their experience with the kit installed.Thanks to everyone here on the forum. Monk
  7. This has been quite an ordeal and no one seems to have a definitive answer. I hope someone here can verify what I have been told by Jeep. I have a 2016 Cherokee. The flat towing kit has been installed. When the kit is activated, the power steering IS NOT activated. I understood that was the purpose of the relay powering the EPS. I just compared notes with a 2014 Jeep Cherokee owner in the FMCA campground. His 2014 Cherokee does activate the power steering when the relay is activated. My dealer has checked the kit wiring again and also talked to Jeep. I have called Jeep Care three times and the say the power steering is not activated so I am at a loss as to where to get the right answer. Maybe the 2014 model behaves differently? I don't want to start towing and tear up the Cherokee if the relay is not working as designed. If anyone on the forum has a 2016 Cherokee with the kit installed, please let me know if your power steering is active when the fuse is inserted. Thanks, Lee
  8. My first post here....... thanks for the info on this topic. We have considered ordering a Cherokee but this problem has put our decision on hold. I see now per the bulletin that this issue only applies to units built prior to Feb 2016. My two questions are 1) can we be certain this is correct info, anyone have a newer Cherokee without problems and 2) does the apply to the Grand Cherokee, did not see it mentioned in the topic? Thanks, Lee
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