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  1. Butterfly9, I just had Wingfoot's Goodyear at 11957 Douglas Ave, replace all 6 tires. Used the Advantage program with FMCA. Better price than any other I could find in Des Moines.
  2. RainX is great. Wipers and RainX both can be improved by polishing your windshield with 0000 steel wool. I was amazed at the difference on my car. Been too cold yet to do the MH. Should have stronger arms by the time I polish that much real estate!!
  3. Just the first of many ?adventures??? we will have with our 'new to us' home.
  4. Tried to pull out of storage today! About 3" of dry ground on top of 8 to 10" of goo. Roadside Assistance worked! Pulled it out with no problem. Now, if I can only find out why the picture posted upside-down??
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