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  1. Thanks for your help. I'm not sure what size my batteries are or what kind of onboard charger I have. My coach is vintage 1996 50 amp set up. I believe the charger is good sized because if I pull into a park with questionable power it trips the breaker on the pole. I purchased the biggest deep cycle batteries walmart had. I'll try running the generator an hour or so in the morning and again before I go to bed. Thanks again
  2. I am a full-hookup kind of camper. I will be visiting Yellowstone in June. The Yellowstone people have informed me that my full-hookup site will not have electricity. My question is: How long will I have to run my generator each day to keep my batteries topped off? I have a 6,500-kilowatt Onan that runs on propane. I have two house batteries that are 2 years old. Let's assume that I will not be running my AC, or the generator would already be running. The Yellowstone people told me I could expect to run my furnace at night. I will be running my frig and hot water heater on propane. I am supposed to have water, so I don't have to power my water pump. Just minimal lighting, the furnace blower, and maybe a Fan-Tastic vent during the day. I would like to make coffee and maybe some quick microwaving if I can't cook outside (bears) while the generator is running. I will be staying five nights. I have 110 # of propane. But with everything running on propane I don't want to run out by using my generator to much. Plus, I want to be a good neighbor. Thanks for any help you can give me.
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