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  1. Mine started working again. It could be I did not push the lock/unlock buttons hard enough to work.
  2. The house batteries are not disconnected. I am connected to shore power.
  3. All of a sudden, the remote to lock/unlock the entry door stopped working. I replaced batteries and still does not work. I tried the second remote and it did not lock/unlock the door. Is there a fuse somewhere on the motor home?
  4. I called Fleetwood and they were able to get the covers for my 2010 Bounder. Fleetwood knew the color of the countertop and had them made. It did not come originally with the Bounder. Try calling Fleetwood who has the Monaco line now.
  5. I tow a 2014 Ford Edge, same type of car. I don't remember seeing the check engine light. The problem I am having is dead battery after more then two hours towing. I use a plug in Brake Buddy.
  6. I'm looking for a route from Michigan to Florida that will avoid Cincinnati and Atlanta. I am getting tired of fighting congestion driving through Cincinnati and Atlanta. Your input will be appreciated.
  7. Has anyone added a dash mounted or windshield mounted rear view mirror to see the back of the motor home?
  8. Just installed Blue Ox base plate, lights setup, battery charge setup and breakaway switch installed on my 2014 Ford Edge by Cummons. With Michigan tax included it was $1327. Tow bars and brake controller will be extra.
  9. I highly recommend General RV. They will go out of their way to get you as a customer and keep you as a customer. I based this on my experience with their company. I have bought a trailer and three motor homes from them. My two sons also have bought trailers and motor homes from them. All have had great results. There were times when we had an issue but they made sure we were happy with the results. You can have issues with any dealer. The deciding factor is how they react to the issue. General RV will make you happy.
  10. In my 2014 Ford Edge owner's manual, there isn't any reference to disconnect the battery cable. All it says is put in neutral, tow no faster then 65 mph and start the engine every day or 6 hours.
  11. Our Association restrictions states you can not park an RV, motor home, boat in the driveway. The city restrictions state 72 hours. I asked the association at a meeting about this. I asked if the association would take an owner to court for having an RV in the driveway. The reply was no, there isn't any money in the association account to do this. I then said why not change the restrictions to agree with the city. This way the city could be used to go after owners. They said that would be a big undertaking and do not want to take that on. I was shocked. Also, the association restriction says you can not even park in the street. I questioned the city on this. The answer is that the street is a public road and any judge would throw out any attempt to enforce parking in the street. So, I just try to meet the city restrictions and not the association restrictions.
  12. I have been using EEZ TPMS for the past year and a half. It is easy to set up and like it. It tells pressure and temperature. Here is the site: http://eezrvproduct.com/TIRE-PRESSURE-and-TEMPERATURE-MONITORING-SYSTEMS-TPMS_c3.htm
  13. Today, March 3rd, I received the brackets by snail mail. Good looking product.
  14. As of today, March 2, 2015, I have not received the bracket. How was it shipped? Do you have a tracking number?
  15. I received a message from Kiley today stating the ladder bracket has been shipped on Monday, Feb23. Now waiting to receive the shipment.
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