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  1. If you have them, would you do it again? Do you have 2 or 4? If you were to install only two, front or rear and why? Expensive for 4, but my MH is rough riding on most roads! Bridges, ruts, and concrete strip drive me crazy. I average about two big trips, mileage wise, per year and 8-10 three-four hour trips. Last year we were out 94 days. So trying to justify purchase.
  2. Been there, done that, got the t-shirt. I have had 2 RV's same problem, both Fords. Class C 31 foot E450 and A class 36 foot F53 gas. Had both weighed at Cat scales and adjusted air pressure. Then had alignment checked at a truck service center and both were off on toe and caster. Corrected and made 20% improvement on steering. Then alignment Mgr recommended Blue Ox Tiger Trac bar that other customers had installed and liked. He called two customers, got permission for me to talk to them about their results. Both were very pleased with results and both had also added steering stabilizers to front. One a Safe t Plus and the other the road master reflex. So now I have done both RV's with blue ox Tiger Trac bars on rear and Safety plus steering stabilizers on front. Problem solved. No more wandering on steering and trucks do not blow me around. Maybe a small wiggle, usually after they have completely passed me. Tail wag gone. Steering good. Now if I could just get the government to repave some of these roads.... but that is another story.
  3. At least you have sun visors to start with. My 2015 Winnie Sightseer 35G doesn't have sunvisors, but does have the electric mesh curtain that I can lower part way.
  4. Planning trip to New York Finger Lakes in June 2013. Plan on sight seeing, wine tasteing, and ending up in Syracuse NY for Good Sam Rally. We will be traveling from southern VA via I-81 with toad and pets. Any suggestions on what to see along way and general area, as well as what to avoid or be aware of. We usually aim for 300-400 miles max per day with stops. I thought we would spend the week before Rally enjoying the trip and attractions. Thanks for any help.
  5. After having to constantly reorganize our scrambled medicine cabinet contents, I finally found a solution. I got the idea from Lynn Stricker of Bakersfield article on Lingerie divider in motorhome magazine. If you only use one row (2 halves=1 honeycomb strip) it fits perfectly and keeps everything upright and organized. You can purchase it at Lowe's Home Improvement under the name Bee Neat Drawer Organizer for less than $10. I also added some small basket drawer organizers to top shelf. Problem solved.
  6. Who in the group will be attending the Good Sam Rally in Louisville? Hoping to meet some of the FMCA members there also. Will arrive Tuesday and will do one of the tours on Wednesday. Also doing 1/2 day "Taste of Louisville Tour" that will be fun. The tour operator will pick us up at the expo center on Thursday and has openings for 2 more couples if anyone is interested. Let me know if interested. See everyone there. Paul
  7. We travel with a pair of Bichons that are brother and sister from same litter. Different as night and day, female is alpha and obeys and really has wonderful perception and understands a lot. Male dog is like a 8 year old male human-runs through mud puddles, comes when he is ready, usually a meandering path looking for squirrels and snores in his sleep. But what a loving teddy bear. When it comes to traveling in MH, he rides shotgun between wife and door so he can see out front and side window. Female is also a lap dog but will go get on couch and take a nap. Love them both.
  8. Good for you! Yes we love ours also. Maybe our paths will cross some day. Where are you located? There are many little things that you will want to add if you are like me. Folding chairs in a bag that store easily, a recliner from Sam's Club that fold and store in a bag, and a patio mat to put on the ground under the awning, and some awning lights. Also a folding table to use next to outdoor grill. I also got a stove burner cover for the extra coutertop use. I put a fan cover on top where the bedroom fan is so we could have it open and not worry about rain. Added a visor mirrow for wife, coat hooks on each side of wardrobe doors in bedroom, and bought several nightlites with on/off switches for front, bathroom, and bedroom. Hope to find out if I can add the night stands you have to my unit. Of course I found that I needed a 30 amp extension cord, an extra length of sewer hose, and water hose in some of the crazy parks we have been to. It seemed something is always 5 feet more than standard. Also got a surge protector that has already saved me on a couple of times. Keep us posted on your trials and tribulations. Paul
  9. I am a member of FMCA but since I was a B+ owner I was rejected by a couple of chapters since they were chartered as "A" owners. A couple have since mentioned that they are going to have members vote and change rules since national allows B+ and C's and hope to let me know soon. I was always welcomed at GEAR rally and felt like a mascot in the field of big "A's". Paul
  10. I have found that Bill Plemmons in Winston Salem, NC (Rural Hall) to be a good Jayco dealer for parts and service and will keep you posted on progress. Paul
  11. We currently have a 2008 29D Melbourne and love it. Is it perfect, no, but it more than meets our needs and is a joy that the wife approves. She did not want a model where the bed was in main coach since she is not a morning person and I am. We get to take our two Bichons with us as our "granddogs" and they also love the RV life. It fit our lifestyle of short trips of 3 day weekends and 4-5 weeklong trips per year. Most of the components are available in other brands of similar coaches, but Jayco had a 2 year warranty. The 2012 now has optional motorized levelers, bigger tv's, and choice of electric awning. There are a few standard included features on the 2012 that I don't have such as the small bedside tables to put your glasses or kindle on. I am surprised that the 29 feet is tight. I could add 3" to each side of the dinette, 6" each way to the shower (standard size in all motorhomes), and an extra 8" on the backside of the bed for walk around room to make up the bed and get in and out of bed. Of course I wish the gas mileage was better, but who doesn't. If you have specific questions, I will be glad to answer. Paul
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