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  1. While traveling in Western Canada last summer, I purchased a SIM card for my IPad. I believe it was $30 per month for 2g of data. It would have been much cheaper if I had had a Canadian credit card and done automatic withdrawal - we were there for slightly over a month. Our tow car has OnStar and we could make all our calls without extra charges. Most of the campgrounds had wifi, but it was often very, very slow and often impossible so the extra bit on my IPad was great for those times .
  2. I have the Verizon wireless device as well and have used it successfully for several years, but just on one computer at a time. How do I use it with the router? Do I just connect it to the router rather than the laptop? (I have wi-fi'd us at the house, but not yet in the rig) I'm visiting friends right now, so I can't just step outside to try it...
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