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  1. It sounds like either a bad connection (12 Vdc ) of the pump itself. Is design and build by Monarch Hydraulics. System and is identified as Dyan-Jack M-3538 or similar Friend and I discuss the various options, our our system including surplus. He, called and was told prices from $1600 to $2500, for repair / replacement. I then explained about a hydraulic supply house I have used in the past. After several calls, Ray located Hydraulic Controls, in Phx., Az. They made nation wide. Link http://www.hydraulic-controls.com/index.php/admin_locations/search/store/id/5/ The cost to replace the motor and replace the pump bearing was less the $500. All he had to do was remove and bring it in.
  2. When plugged into shore / generator the automatic transfer switch inside the magnum allows power to flow thru. Inverter mode is not being used, even if the LED is on. The only item accurate is what someone stated about Bulk, Absorption, Float. Now without the BMK kit, the current is a calculated value. Your battery manufacture dictates the setting for the Charge Rate. My Interstate say 80% charger rate. It also states a higher float and absorption voltage. Running A/C while charging does not make any difference in how the batteries are being charged. If your Alternator can charge the batteries, the generator will do it it's way. Again, without the BMK kit, the magnaum is/can only calculate what and how the batteries are being charged. Meaning it only sees what it is doings. It really does not see what the alternator is providing. With the BMK Kit, this allows the magnum to see what is going into and out of the batteries and calculate a true SOC. Meaning it takes into consideration you are using solar and engine to charge the batteries. The BMK also show the real current going into and out of the batteries. i have been using the magnum since 2013, 1600 watts of solar, and our alternator will help charge the batteries. One of the features of the Magnum along with the BMK, is will track total current in/out of the batteries. This is used to calculate the SOC. You really need to read up on all 3 items, Magnum, BMK and remote to understand how well this system works
  3. I cannot understand, why people will not first read the manual.
  4. Clean the coils just like home system. If you don't keep both clean, then air flow goes down and current draw up. So yes, maintenance is important, change the pillow block bearing. I suspect you have an Coleman / RV product basement unit. All components are available. The hard part is removing it. Mine came out the side. Look/feel for screws on the duct work that is attached. Look closely ant your duct work. TAKE PHOTOS.
  5. I have an outside water tank fill, and a valve located inside. If my valve seat breaks, my water tank will fill slowly. My pump seat has never failed to back flow the fresh water tank. The seat should be capable of handling over 80 PSI.
  6. All my panels are 45Vdc open. Total 960 watts installed over 3 years Midnite classic 150 controller (Installed April 2015) Cost of panels - $1200 Controller - $600 Labor - $0 - DIYer Brackets - $50 for material Misc - $300
  7. Have installed in 07. Great in keeping some of the dirt off the back on back road. Mileage, never saw a improvement, if it was, then maybe in the 1/10 range. At one time I was told that some Big Rig companies used them. Look at the rigs that pass you. Do you see Air Tabs? I never did. As for being passed, again, did not notice much. When DaGirls Rv was painted I removed them all. I did keep them AND had some of them painted to match. But have decided NOT to install them.
  8. I have to agree with Lenp. When did this start? Also, I know various rigs with different residential and continue using there MSW inverter. However most are in the 2000 watt range. Why not turn the power off to the inverter. It is normally 1 CB that feeds the inverter and then the output feeds to another CB panel. By turning off the AC power to the inverter, you can watch and see what happens. Try to create it just like you are driving. No TV, microwave etc items like that.
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