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  1. We bought brand new Prompts for the front windshield and both of the front side windows. The one's on the side windows SAGGED because the front required a rubber cord UNDER the side windows, and Prompt offered no alternative solution. You still had to have a ladder to install the three window covers, and they just flat looked tacky and a "quick" solution for something we should have thought about. We GAVE those Prompts away free, and bought some black Sunguards that utilize stainless steel snaps, and have been very pleased for the past 3 years. I can install these faster than I can with the Prompts, and they look nice and tight, and the material is much thicker and is 94% UV protected vs the 80% the Prompts were.
  2. We have the 6-speed Allison with the grade brake, and we leave the grade brake switch on all the time. It is especially useful for our mountain driving, but it works well and downshifts FAST during emergency braking. I do like hitting the brakes once, and the transmission will downshift to a lower gear, and if I hit them again, it downshifts again (if the Allison agrees that the RPM is within range). As far as overdrive is concerned, I keep our overdrive dash switch set to "on" which is the 6th speed. Sometimes I will switch it off and travel in 5th gear if I see we will be hunting between gears on a long gradual uphill stretch.
  3. We use Synthetic 10w-40 in our Onan 5500 because of the high heat of these air cooled engines.
  4. Some of us had good experience buying RV windows from HERE
  5. We bought the Prompts for the Windshield and both front side windows....on the windshield cover, you had to stretch the rubber bungie cords OVER the side windows to attach, and then install the Side Window covers OVER the stretched rubber bungie cord, so the side window covers would never be flat and taught. Matter of fact, they sagged, and Prompt said it was all like that. Had to use a ladder also, and they just flat looked cheap, so I gave our virtually NEW Prompts away and bought Sunguards. Sunguard uses stainless Steel screws and they sit flat and taught against all THREE windows, and they look professional and not cheesy like the Prompts did. I can install these faster than I ever could with the Prompts, and they look twice as nice. Also, the Sunguards have 84% UV blockage, where the Prompts were much less, and the material for the Sunguards are MUCH thicker.
  6. You click on the link and it tells any Workhorse owner all the details.
  7. Yes, any repairs paid for by you after November 2007 will be reimbursed by Workhorse. Keep your receipts!
  8. Since the Workhorse Chassis uses dual freeflow mufflers and pipes, it is usually not necessary to install new pipes. I haven't heard of anyone doing this, but have heard of some changing the mufflers.
  9. Yep...recall instigated by the NHTSA....Interim recall notices were sent out last week, and currently there is no fix, but we should get the official recall notices around Fall with the fix by Workhorse.
  10. I haven't read anywhere about Monaco resuming production yet. On a separate note...it's going to be VERY expensive for Workhorse to pay for all the 47K chassis with bad brakes, so Navistar must have deep pockets!
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