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  1. One night driving in fog I had a good chuckle. A motorist following me decided my pace was too slow. He shot past me and as he pulled in ahead of me, immediately hit the brakes. They found out that following the red tail lights of my RV was easier than looking into the reflection of their headlights. Anticipating this would happen I had already begun a light brake application. Driving a big vehicle requires one to anticipate and look well ahead to avoid developing problems on the road.
  2. After a few years of ownership, the door began to rattle in my Bounder and I could not live with it. There was a foam tape insulation material attached to the door frame that the face of the door rested against. I replaced it with a slightly more dense material and this provided enough tension on the door to stop the rattle completely. Requires a little extra pull to latch the door. I had to do this job twice. Cats being cats always discover something new in their environment and Toby worked all night digging out the new foam insulation between the door and the jam face. Woke up to a stepwell littered with black foam .
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