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  1. Thanks for the recommendation. I wish we didn't have a problem, but the seal around the pump unit has separated which is causing the problem and we don't think we can fix it. I wish we could, because the mattress is in great condition and has only been used 3 times. We'll probably buy a new air mattress and try to fix the damaged pump seal on the original air mattress. No harm done if we make it worse.
  2. Our sofa sleeper air mattress pump stops before mattress is full. It should automatically stop on its own. We noticed that the pump is damaged which is causing it to stop filling with air. We were told we have to replace the whole air mattress and was wondering if we can buy any kind of air mattress. I can't find any information on line regarding this topic. Does anyone have any suggestions on replacing an air mattress for a sofa sleeper. Thanks, Peggy
  3. Thank you all for your comments. We are on shore power, but traveling tomorrow for 3 days to AZ. My husband tested the batteries today using a hydrometer and they tested OK. Batteries are about 3 years old now. The charge level of batteries is 13.2 right now. Inverter remote control panel shows battery in save mode. He cleaned the batteries and checked the connections today. We did not have any other electrical items added in the coach, everything is original when we bought it. We have not seen the fridge go off since yesterday.
  4. The coach came with the fridge and I believe it has a modified sine inverter. It is a Magnum Energy MM series inverter and I'm not sure of the model. It's either MM612 or MM1212. How do I find that info?
  5. Class A 2012 Fleetwood Expedition Whirlpool residential fridge just started turning off and then back on almost immediately. RV technician checked our inverter batteries and they are not the problem. Has anyone had issues with this? Wondering if the fridge needs to be serviced already. Thanks, Peggy and Rodney Headrick
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