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  1. Thanks guys for the quick response... Your feedback was very valuable. Thanks, Ken PS: RocKen is abbr for Rochelle and Ken... hopefully, we will see ya on the road... again, thanks
  2. Hello, All: This past summer, with my 2009 (new to me) Fleetwood Discovery 40G, I pulled my 2014 Jeep Wrangler Sport (2.5" lift and 35" tires) from the Atlanta area to Northern Michigan. (Blue Ox Tow System/Brake System). I had the lift kit and 35" tires installed a few days prior to the 2000 mile trip and completely ruined the front jeep tires on the trip. Upon returning home and taking it to a specialized Jeep shop, they indicated that both front jeep tires were miss aligned. So, I believe the problem is fixed... however, the question... does anyone see a problem with pulling a jeep with 35" Tires as long as the alignment is good? or would smaller tires Track better? This June our trip will start from Atlanta and touch Mt. Rushmore; Cody, WY; Jackson Hole, WY; Central City, CO and back to Atlanta via I70 and wanted to see if others have pulled a jeep with 35" tires? Thank you, Ken
  3. Thanks for the valuable input throughout this forum. We are new to RV'g. We just purchased a 2009 Fleetwood Discovery 40G and it had 6200 miles on Goodyear G670's with a 22/08 date code. The tires looked great inside and out; but felt more comfortable with new because of age of tires. We purchased via FMCA SIX Michelin ZXA Energy 275 70r22.5 and received tires within 5-6 days in Gainesville GA for $3900 (including balance, mounted, front end alignment, tax). I kept two of the Goodyear's (wrapped in plastic and stacked in middle of Coach Basement)... The QUESTION is it over kill to carry two spares while traveling? Thanks, Ken and Rochelle
  4. Jim, great points and it makes sense.. Just purchased a 2009 Fleetwood Discovery 40G and the forums have been great.
  5. Hey fellow Jeepers... I just ordered a Blue Ox adapter that will install directly to my aftermarket bumpers' Tow Hooks (2014 JKU). I should have the Blue Ox System within the next couple of weeks, and I too will have to level the Tow Bar. With a 3" left and 35" Tires, I am worried about getting it level. You guys are flat towing the Jeeps with Soft Tops.. Do you foresee any problems with wind, etc? I plan to tow with the soft top up. Thanks, Ken PS: how to you paste photos? Thanks
  6. This is a great thread... We just purchased a 2009 Fleetwood Discovery with a 10,000 lb towing capacity. And after spending $2000+ on a full Blue Ox Tow system for the 2014 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sport, I have been worrying about towing with the Soft Top. From the thread, there seems to be mix experiences... maybe aftermarket soft top holds up better? Thanks Ken
  7. Thanks for the replies... I've discounted towing the Escalade, and will pick up a smaller used 4x4 SUV just to accompany this family of 6 when traveling. Ken
  8. Hello, Just joined and I find the forums very helpful. We are preparing to purchase a 2012 Forest River 390BH; with a Cummins 360hp and a Allison 3000 transmission. Does anyone have experience towing a full size suburban type vehicle (7200 lbs) with a 39' coach with this type of configuration? Option is to get a smaller 7 passenger SUV, but rather keep the big one if I can make it work. Thanks, Ken
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