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  1. We stayed at the Blue Angels Recreation Area in Pensacola and it was great. Hey, for $20 what is not to like. We are going back down there next week. It's right on the water, the NAS and museum are about 8 miles away and Orange Beach is about 15 miles away (otherwise known as the Hillbilly Riviera). There the full hook-up area (Battleship Row) with nice cement pads for $20 or you can go to Anchors for $17, no pads but electric and water. Last time we stayed in Anchor Cove and liked it. This time we are staying in Battleship Row to see how different they are. Ed and Stephanie SFC, USA (retired)
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    Hi My wife Stephanie and I just joined FMCA after driving by the National HQ's for years. We had a toy hauler for years and just recently purchased a 2016 FR3. Stephanie is now taking some time off work since P&G sold the branch she worked for and since I retired from the Army, and then a local police department we are taking this time to travel. My last 4 years I was a motorcycle tour guide for an Austrian company and was able to travel through North America and Europe. Since Stephanie now has time I can show her the great sites of this country. Our plans for this year are a trip to Florida, Colorado, Nova Scotia and the out west for a while. Looking forward to meeting other members and picking everyone's brain for ideas. Ed and Stephanie
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