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  1. Thank you Rainman. I also have the Premier model. Roadmaster does make an led bulb and socket kit. I have not seen the actual kit and don't know if there would be space enough for that either. I took it to the shop that has set up my last two vehicles to tow and they felt the diode kit would be best. Blue Ox makes a diode kit specifically for led lights. The price is the same either way. When I decide and get it set up, I will let you know the outcome.
  2. Has anyone set their 2018 Chevy Equinox up to tow yet? I am interested in finding out what wiring option others have chosen. On the Roadmaster site, they say not to use the universal wiring kit but to use the bulb and socket kit instead. Blue Ox shows using either type. Thanks in advance for any information.
  3. There is a large shopping center on El Camino Real just north of I380. This is just a little west of the airport, between 101 and I280. There is also Candlestick RV Park. It is about 10 miles north of the airport off 101.
  4. I read on another forum that FMCA members have gotten an email concerning this. I haven't received an email and am curious if this went out to everyone or just those that had signed up.
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