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  1. I have 2008 Fleetwood Excursion 39r with Norcold double door frig, 1200 series. Will work fine 2-3 days then just turns off for 15-30 minutes and works fine again does same on propane and electric. The green frig light stays on but open door and unit is off, light, fan nothing is on been doing this about 6 weeks. any replies are welcomed. Thanks
  2. If you are coming to Texas, the Michelin plan is at lots of places, in Fort Worth,TX, Loves truck center on 1-35 south has the plan and in Amarillo,TX, where I will be getting new tires put on has the plan, Broadway tire, on bell street--just two of many. sea ya
  3. I have a 2008 Excursion 40' diesel. After parking and leveling I release my suspension bar to lower the coach's air bag system and the coach lowers. Good, but if I need to use air to fill my tires, after starting the engine the air bags fill up but do not lower the coach after I shut off the engine off? I release the suspension bar but no air is escaping like when I first park the coach. Thanks for any feedback.
  4. Last year I purchased a 40' diesel Excursion in California and the tires have lots of tread, only 27,000 miles, but the age is causing some concern so I will be getting the tires replaced. They have Goodyear G670 now, but the Michelin plan tires were considerably less in Fort Worth,TX where we are now. The Goodyear man said if we bought any tire to drive them about 2000 miles and then have the two outside rear tires swapped with the two front tires and my wear pattern would be established and my wear problems would be almost eliminated. Do you even rotate motorhome tires, never heard from anyone about this part of buying tires and their upkeep. Thanks
  5. i have water at other sink in the kitchen and new faucet in bedroom and can not see a cut-off valve under bathroom sink so I assume the lines are not clogged but will check anyway, also will call Fleetwood about plumbing designs. Thanks- rich and herman
  6. We have a lot of running water coming from the hot water side but nothing comes out of cold side. We had a new faucet assy. installed about a month ago, but they were not able to try it out in the shop due to no water hook-ups. We had to leave and thought all was well but getting to our destination and setting up-- same problem. Thinking the water filter might be bad, and it was, I changed it out but still nothing. We have 2008 Fleetwood Excursion 40 ft. diesel, just bought last Feb. a year ago. Could the cold water line going into the water filter underneath the coach be stopped up enough to not let any water come out the faucet? Any reply is welcome. Thanks
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