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  1. Thanks for the info. Sorry to be so ignorant but it is different than the Power Gear system I am use to. Even after reading the manual everyone's advise still came in handy. I went our last night and figured everything out. Leveled up just like it was supposed to. Thanks again.
  2. Thanks for the info. And I suppose level before you slide out would be best?
  3. Thank goodness the topics are kept on the forum. Lot's of good reading. I have a question on this topic. My old CC Inspire had hydraulic jacks so i don't have any experience with this type. My new to me CC Intrigue has the HWH system. About the only thing I am missing is do I dump the air suspension before I try to level? The lights illuminate on the panel but i really don't feel a difference either way. As we know on the other system you can feel the coach almost jump. Thanks in advance for the help.
  4. Thanks Carl! i am an old truckdriver so the extra length is not a problem for me like it may be for some. By my own comparison I feel the extra set of brakes almost make up for the extra weight. Also on my Intrigue i can lift the back axle while maneuvering tight spots. Which makes it a short coach again. And yes, with a lot of rear end swing that a guy needs to be careful with. For me , no matter how you cut it, the third axle is an improvement. Unless a shorter coach is just what you need.
  5. Good evening. I traded my 36' Country Coach single axle for a 45' CC tag axle. I always heard their was a big difference. Now I know first hand the difference is HUGE. Like people said previously, the rear end wiggle is almost gone. You don't have to fight the wind nearly as much either. The buck and pitch is a little improved also. I suppose this would also be true for a shorter coach. The third axle would make all the difference. Plus.......the third axle looks cool!!
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