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  1. I have absolutely loved my DataStorm Sateliite for the past 5 years. I do see that I do not need to use it as oftern as I did a few years ago. But because of my full time job, I MUST be able to receive the Internet where ever I overnight. The DataStorm assures me that luxury. As a software supplier to Verizon, AT&T and Sprint Nextel, I am made aware of more third party Independent evaluations of the top 3 Carriers 3G (Third Generation) coverage for Broadband. The facts are that Sprint Nextel and Verizon have almost three times the 3G Geographical coverage of AT&T within the United States. AT&T's claim of more coverage in more places has to do with the fact that they operate on the GSM platform also used in Europe and many parts of the world. Verizon and Sprint uses CDMA. Their phones do not work abroad. Sprint Nextel is slightly ahead of Verizon on 3G broadband coverage, quality of connection and signal strength. Verizon is a close 2nd. Sprint Nextel has about 95% of the Fortune 500 as customers. One major reason is the speed and dependability of their data network and their focus on business, Public Safety and Government accounts. Ask an AT&T user if they like their iphone, and they love it, they just don't like the AT&T 3G coverage. Verizon will probably be selling their Apple iphone by Christmas of 2010. Sprint launches their "iphone killer" the Palm Pre on June 6th. Sprint had a terrrible 2007 and 2008 for poor customer service. 2009 has seen a significant turn around with many new accoplades for Customer Service evaluations by thrid parties. Verizon too has very good customer service. AT&T is fighting to keep their network on pace with the incredible customer growth caused by the popularity of the their exclusive carrier designation for the Apple iPhone. Their President acknowledges they have a way to go. My suggestion would be to buy Sprint Nextel or Verizon for your aircard or USB Internet connection. You might also consider a wireless router for your motor home so both you and your spouse can use you laptops at the same time. If you absolutely MUST have Internet coverage no matter where you go, you need to spend the money on the Hughes MotoSat system. Find a dealer or more information at www.datastormusers.com. More about Verizon, Sprint and AT&T Aircards or USB 3G for your laptop at: www.rv-wireless.com, Sprint.com, Verizon.com or AT&T Wireless.com
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