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  1. Why am I not reading of anyone towing with the basic A Frame style tow bars instead of all these fancy ones that cost so much and have to be rebuilt. It seems a solid tow bar is so tuff to brake and sure it is harder to hook up but less moving parts? Just wondering.
  2. Does Roadmaster tell you how to get the bumper cover off and that sort of detail or do they just say remove bumper cover because I have NO idea what hold these new cars together but I used to work on my own cars in the 70's. Appreciate your post and response.
  3. Since you feel the aluminum tow bar is weak. Is yours that has worked well an aluminum or do you have a heavier duty model?
  4. I want to thank everyone for their help. We purchased a 2018 Chevy Equinox yesterday as our new toad. Now I just have to figure out what is the best braking system and tow bar.
  5. I have searched the Readers Forum section of both the July and Aug. 2017 hard copy editions editions of my Family Motor Coaching Mag. and couldn't find this article. Could you give me a little help either by a link or month of Mag. I would appreciate it. I am a newbie and just bought a 2018 Equinox for our first flat towing experience. Thank you.
  6. How do you like your Patriot II on the 2018 Equinox? Is it working well for you and do you have to remove it to start and run the car at fuel stops? I just bought a 18 Equinox yesterday and am now getting it ready to tow for our first RV trip. What tow bar are you using? Thanks for any info.
  7. Thank you, My wife's mother has a CRV and loves it. I had seen they make nice toads but we figured we have a hard time finding a 2014 with less than 30000 and that was kinda what we were looking for. I will have to look into that a bit more and see what's available. What type gas mileage do you get with yours?
  8. All of you that have 2018 Equinox's, do you run them at very gas stop?
  9. I am a member. I will do that. to find out the tow capacity.
  10. Found the label on the drivers left. That was where the number I found was but the other number was not there. The seller told me he got a steady 10MPH with our coach. and he towed a older jeep as his toad. Thanks for the help.
  11. It is a Class A 37' Cat 3126 Diesel. As above.
  12. We have a 37ft 1997 Safari Serengeti Cat 3126, I see you are familiar. I could find the GVWR of 28000 LB. but could not find the other number in any of my literature. You may know better than I what the towing capacity is since you had one. I sure appreciate the help of everyone.
  13. We are trying to get on the road for our first trip and I have been trying to decide between Tow Dolly and Flat Tow. I see that most like flat tow but I have a wife with a hip that makes seating a priority. Gas millage is second and price range is around 20000. Yesterday I find a nice 2018 Equinox that fit the description then I find a topic on here where a guy is having all sorts issues trying to get his 2018 Equinox ready to flat tow. I see a lot of people on here that either spend a fortune or have all sorts of issues due to electrical problems with flat towing. I am from the keep it simple crowd so I can work on it. I have no issue with putting temp lights on the back so I don't have to hook into the car wiring. I don't have air brakes on my coach. I know I need brakes on the toad so something has to be done unless you get a tow dolly with brakes. I don't want a standard trans. I am so confused I am scared to death to buy any vehicle much less has buying a toad become any sort of a fun project. We just want to be able to park the coach and use it as a hub while we travel in all directions then move it to the next area of curiosity and do the same. I am about to the point of getting a tow dolly and putting my old 2004 mini van on and at least I know what I got. But then there is the question of Tow dollies and what are good ones. I see Tow master has a nice looking one for about 1400 with brakes. As you can see I am overwhelmed. help getting me focused would be appreciated. LOL
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