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  1. The FMCA plan didn't work for us, staying with the plan we had. Hum, sure didn't think this line was included with the original offer, probably would of been helpful. Please note: if you are an existing Verizon customer this $49.99 per month unlimited plan with jetpack offer is in addition to your current service with Verizon. This is a standalone offer for unlimited 4G LTE internet service.
  2. Hi Smithy, That's what I did do. I went by what the Christphrl sheet said to do for an existing customer. Still disappointed. Later
  3. Hum, just disappointing. Updated my Verizon account per the instructions provided by FMCA 11-8-2017. Verizon made changes and removed my veteran discount. I got a message that discount was applied. I was still being charged 65.00, so this morning I talked to a Verizon rep and she said that you could only have one discount applied to the account, FMCA or Veterans (really?). So then I questioned her, why am I being charged 65.00 instead of the FMCA cost of 49.99. She said that since I also have a phone on that account, I cant get that price. I would only get that price if I only had a hotspot. I did give them the information here "FMCA has a new Verizon MIFI Member Benefit! CLICK HERE to learn more". I knew I shouldn't have applied............ FYI.... I already had a plan through Verizon with a hotspot and phone. That plan started out as true unlimited data, then 22gig, then 10gig high speed, rest 600kps possible until 22gig, and then 15gig high speed, rest 600kps possible until 22gig. With that plan, I did get 15% veteran discount. My high speed data quit at 15gig, so I haven't seen any type of change since I applied November 8th.
  4. Yep, I got the Verizon hotspot in Feb. Worked great Mar and April, used about 80gig each month (don't know how that happened and it was cool). Then came May and all months since, 10gig high speed and then it goes to crawl speed. I'm not complaining simple because we do have the internet 99% of the time for checking email, facebook, etc. Now, regarding using your IPhone as a hotspot....... Couple of months ago I got a new case for my 5SE with an additional battery built into the case. It only cost about $18.00 on Amazon. Just push a button on the case and it starts charging the phone battery. Have not heard any problems with the battery yet but will be looking out for one. In other words, I'm not familiar with the case MFG. Check it out, it's slick. Might be a good way to use your phone fulltime as an hotspot?
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