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  1. Michael - so good to know! I'm actually working on a quote right now with Allied. I appreciate your feedback! Have a great day!
  2. That's good to know. But now Allied Ins is thru FMCA - which is the one we're really looking into. We currently have GMAC Ins thru Good Sam and are finding that it doesn't seem to have as much coverage as Allied. Have you been happy with Allied?
  3. Are any of you familiar with Allied Insurance through FMCA? We're looking at their coverage (compared to GS) and it looks good but want to see if anyone else has used them.
  4. We're doing comparisons of all the RV insurance plans available and wonder which is the best. Do any of you have recommendations? Who do you use?
  5. It is quite possible that it doesn't. But it might also - as some keyless vehicles do lock - as it does on my regular vehicle.
  6. Jim - did you ever figure out the keyless ignition/battery issue? We're looking at a Mini to tow behind our motorhome and this is the question we have. Any helpful hints? Tricks to this?
  7. I noticed you bought the 2013 Mini Cooper Convertible. Did you figure out the towing on it? How did you resolve the keyless ignition issue to unlock the steering? We're looking at one right now (same car) and are trying to find any information we can.
  8. We're looking at purchasing a 2013 Mini Cooper Roadster S with keyless entry/ignition. Is anyone familiar with towing this vehicle and if so, what is the procedure for unlocking the steering wheel for flat four towing (since it is keyless)?
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