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  1. We had two toy haulers prior to our first DP, a 42P Providence by Fleetwood. It was a good learner DP. Looking at our second we debated between the Tiffin and Newmar. Heard nothing but WONDERFUL things about Bob Tiffin and his facility in Red Bay, AL. We ultimately decided our second, and probably last DP would have a large bath in the AFT of the coach. So liked the plans with Tiffin and Newmar had those. It really came down to price and quality. We had some close friends who had just bought the 4369 Dutch Star in 16. We liked theirs. My husband does 99% of the driving, and we test drove, Allegro Bus, Entegra Anthem, and the Dutch Star. It ultimately came down to the comfort drive and steerable tag axle for my husband. We went with the 4369 Dutch Star and have NOT been disappointed. The half bath and rear bath are awesome. I am a bigger girl. I enjoy the full wall slide and two opposing slides in the Dutch Star. I STRONGLY recommend on the test drive to walk around while the slides are in. As I said, I am a bigger gal and if I was to get too much bigger, maneuvering in the coach while in transit would be a pickle. Lastly, GET an extended warranty! Since you are looking to buy used, you might need that to fix others issues. Money well spent. Good Luck!
  2. Well, success have the one foot extension and truck clears just fine. Thank you all for the help..
  3. Will I need to extend the Blue Ox since I am towing a 4x4 Dodge truck? Worried that the lift would hit the hood if the back of the coach dips for some reason?
  4. my actual weights are as follows: steer 11920 drive 14900 tag 7180 gross 34000 thoughts?
  5. Great info, thank you. I think I have the weight ticket in my office will post if I can find it.
  6. thank you for your response, I have a spartan MM with Tag, I am new to the coach world however i have had toy haulers for some time. I bought this coach in april and have a dodge 1500 4x4 that i flat tow. the coach weighs 35k lbs but I don't remember off hand what the weight was on the tag. 2011 fleetwood Providence 42P Cummins 400 hp GVWR front Rear GCWRg G VWR Front GAWR Rear GAWR GCWR 44,600 lb. 14,600 lb. 30,000 lb. 59,600 lb. thoughts?
  7. If you ask how much something costs you may not be able to afford it. Maintenance is going to be a wash over time, you need to ask yourself : what kind of trips will I take, lots of short trips or long trips, mountain of not, and for us the more important question that we asked ourselves was the floor plan, and as it turns out everything we thought we didn't want we got and love it. 2011 Fleetwood 42P 2015 Dodge 1500 4x4 Toad Hydrolift w Harley limited Ultra Oh and I get 6.9 -7.3 mpg avg.
  8. Cummins 400hp 36000lbs 7.2 running 65mph NO gen while rolling. We use 7.0 for budget purpose.
  9. Has anyone had any issues flat towing with a Hydrolift install and loaded with big twin?
  10. I had the same issue for a 2011 fleetwood providence spartan MM chassis, they sent me the manual electronically at no charge.
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