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    Tag Axle

    Thanks for the info. I have never dumped the tag when turning or when leveling and someone said I should. Haven't noticed any difference in the tires so personally I don't think it matters
  2. lelandjames

    Tag Axle

    2004 Newmar Essex on a Spartan chassis. . Have a switch that says tag axle dump. How does all of this work?
  3. lelandjames

    Tag Axle

    Someone clue me in on what the tag axle does and does not do. Do you dump the air like you do the airbags when you put the jacks down? I have heard you need to dump the air when you are turning. I really don't know and need the info. Jim
  4. I also am trying to understand the tag axle. I have a 2004 Newmar Essex. Do you dump the tag axle air when you put the jacks down as you do the air bags? What is the deal with the turning, do you have to dump the air when making a turn. Guess I just don't understand the way it works.
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