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  1. I've used DakotaPost for several years now and have had no issues with their service or fee structure. Any delays that I've encountered has been the forwarding process of the USPS and not due to any fault of Dakota Post. Their virtual mailbox had some growing pains when first available, but, after a couple of months I've grown to really like that feature. Tagging the mail is easy, determining what the mail is, is rather straightforward as long as USPS doesn't put the forwarding address over the envelope's return address (Dakota Post doesn't have any control over placement, it is applied by the USPS). I've had nothing but pleasurable experiences when dealing with the staff. I needed a portion of a rather large document one time (time sensitive) and when they got my scan request, they called and asked if I really wanted to spend that much money ... I explained to them that I really only needed one page, but, I really needed it and couldn't wait the couple of days for it to be forwarded. I was pleasantly surprised when he asked which page I needed...he got that one page out, scanned it and I had it within a couple of hours. What's not to like? Whenever I request my mail, it is sent quickly and I opt for the faster delivery option, Priority Mail is quicker than regular post and since I only request my mail once or twice a month, the cost isn't prohibitive. I like the service, their reliability and their staff has been wonderful. Are they the cheapest? No. Are they worth what they charge? Most assuredly.
  2. Bear in mind that the .4 gph is for a constant on time of 1 hour. Your burner will not run for that length of time, it will run only long enough to keep the boiler fluid at the correct temperature. We have found, in Benson where we spend our winters (the desert does get below freezing) that we burn right around .6 gallons per day, on average, for both hot water and heat for our "season" (October thru April). Very fuel efficient and, since I fill the tank just before arrival, we can go the whole season on a single tank and still not be anywhere near the safe cutoff volume of the tank (1/4 tank).
  3. We spend our winters in Benson. We tend to use the heat pumps during the day when the breeze and noise is less bothersome. At night when we settle in to relax or when the temps drop below ~45, we switch over to the AQH unit on diesel. Quieter and more comfortable heat. We also have a small oil filled heater that we set up in the driver's area with that huge expanse of single plate glass; that windshield, even with the night shade down, transmits a great amount of cold...the little oil filled radiator neutralizes the heat loss so that the AQH doesn't run as often and the temperature in that end of the coach doesn't fluctuate as much.
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