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  1. Rich, I actually just tried your test and closed the slides, disconnected the light blue (and any other wires there). The relay still HOT!!! the only thing right now that takes the power off the relay is the magnet in the inner slide. I looked at your link but I am thinking its not the switch... Not sure if I am getting closer here. We are on our way from Denver, CO to Madison, WI in a week. Any idea of a GOOD RV electronic guy along the way?? I am running out of solutions here.
  2. Now one test to run - slide out relay cool Correct ? YES When the slide is in the relay is hot Correct? YES when the slide is in disconnect the connection with the light blue wire, does the relay now stay cool? or is it reversed from my thought? The key is they used a uncommon 2 circuit reed switch. I WILL TEST TOMORROW
  3. The fuse tested OK. What do you mean by "little tweaking may still be in order" ? The IN and OUT travel limits are for the power gear set up ONLY. They do not effect the multiplex buttons. The slide does stop at the magnets and they are aligned correctly. Is there anything I am missing here? I attached a picture of the multiplex panel and you can see the buttons for inner and outer. When it worked, you could press "driver S/O out" and when the outer comes out all the way and stops, the inner will start to go out off the same button if you help it pushed. I also included the power gear little panel picture.
  4. Just a question for the electronic minds (I am not)- How will the relay that stays closed (and getting hot) when the inner slide is closed will open if there is only one magnet for the inner slide??
  5. Guys, First, let me thank all of you for taking all that time to try and help me. I REALLY appreciate it! Had this coach since January. Everything worked fine until a few days ago. I parked the coach and pushed the slide out button, the outer slide went out and that was that, no movement on the inner slide and a little red light flashing on the Power Gear small panel. At that point even the outer slide didn't want to come in so I had to reset the limits on the power gear panel. The outer slide is back to normal but the inner is only coming in, no out. Bill, The new relays coming tomorrow so will change all three.
  6. I will try it with my test light. The switch of the inner slide is the one that causes the relay to stay hot. Once the magnet touches the switch the relay click so I assume there is a short in the line of something like that. All magnets lined up well and yes, they all show 0 voltage when the magnet is on them. On the outer slide there are two magnets, one for extended and one for retracted. On the inner slide I only see one which is weird. Here is a picture on the module with the magnet switches connections. It shows only 3 SW.
  7. I tested the 3 switches. All have 12v flowing through them when the magnet part is off and 0v when I touch it with the magnet. Not sure where I go from here
  8. Rich, Talked to Intellitec and went over some checks. The CPU and the 110 module (yes 110 12V) seems to operate normally. I am down to what you think too, a magnet is bad since all the connections on the intellitec are clean and free of corrosion. I am still waiting for Monaco to email me the diagram, called again today and was told they are looking for it. Jim, I am going to test the 3 switches. Not sure if they are NO or NC without the diagram from Monaco
  9. Rich, The second Intellitec box controls the magnetic switches. Here is a link to it: http://www.intellitec.com/index.php/products/Multiplex_Systems/Programmable_Multiplex_Control__PMC/PMC_input_module_622-100
  10. Guys, I tried switching the relays around. There are 3 of them. same problem but I will get 3 new ones. They are all the same model. Rich, the 30A fuses are at the Power Gear control box in the basement. two of these protect the two motors. I am still not sure about the inner slide fuse location. The inner slide is build by Accu slide and I left them a message to see how they recommend that you wire their slide. The magnet in the picture sits between the slide and fridge. When the slide is closed the magnets touch each other. Monaco said yesterday that they need to locate the wiring diagram, still waiting. Might call again later today.
  11. Rich, Thanks for link. I have an idea of the sequence. I am now trying to figure out why the one relay energizes when the inner slide closes. All relays should go into "open" position. Bill, see picture of relay (3), magnet, and the control board.
  12. Thanks Bill! I looked at the document from Rich and unfortunately it doesn't look like mine. I hope that some of the more knowledgeable members will see this and might have an idea how to go about it. Still waiting for Monaco to call back with info.
  13. The outer slide has 2 magnets. One closes (touch each other) when it is fully open and one when it is fully closed. The inner slide has only one magnet and it closes when the slide is fully closed. I tried switching the relays around with same results...
  14. Bill, The main (outer) slide move first. Once fully extended, the secondary (inner) slide starts to go out. This is revered when you close the slides. I reverse the wires on the inner slide motor to take it out. Once its out I put the wires back to normal and I can than push the close button and it will close correctly, however at that poit the one relay stays energized which in not right.
  15. The switched are basically magnetic rectangular. Like the old alarm system that you put on windows. No adjustment can be made other than to make sure they are close to each other.
  16. Update: I found the 3 relays and noticed that one of them is hot and always close the coil (it has power to is all the time) which is not right. I traced this to the inner slide magnet switch. Once I "open" (disconnect the magnet side) that switch the relay is fine. I also called Monaco and they are working to find the electrical drawings. So far it looks like the Intellitac module/sfaety switch that is the problem. Getting closer.....any ideas will be appreciated or if anyone knows someone in the Denver, CO area that knows these Multiplex/Intellitec systems
  17. This is a multiplex switch. I took it off and it look fine. I also hear the "click" in the intellitec box and I checked for voltage at the box and it seems fine. I don't think it would be easy to bypass the whole mulitplex system to wire a hard switch. I found all the control modules but not sure how to test them since its a multiplex system. The coach is a 2010 Monaco Dynasty model is Majestic V. Out of warranty so I am on my own here. I will try Moncao tomorrow for a wiring diagram but don't have much hope since I asked before about something else and they didn't know. I will try Power Gear too.
  18. Rich, I switched the wires at the motor connection. There is a quick connect there. I did not do it at the control board. Any idea how to test to find where the problem is? Carl, Just to have more space i guess??
  19. Hi All, We have a power gear slide out with a second slide in it (slide within a slide). When setting up and extending the slide it opened but when it was extended the inner slide did not come out. When checking for power I found that the slide motor gets power when I click the IN button but not the OUT button. The system uses the intellitec buttons. I tested the intellitec box and I see 12v when pressing the IN and I also see a reverse -12v when pressing the OUT. I switched the wires at the motor connection so when I press IN the slide does go out so nothing is wrong with the mechanics of the slide. I has (i guess) a feature that prevents the inner slide to be moved before the outer slide has been extended so not sure where to go from here. One interesting thing to mention, when checking the two wires at the motor connection with Ohm meter I see that the circuit is "closed" which I am not sure this is right. I tried tracing the motor wires all the way back to the intellitec control but could not see all the way. Any help??
  20. Hi, Anyone with experience on getting a full time insurance for Canadians living in BC, wanting to travel in Canada/USA full time? Thanks!
  21. Hello Everyone, I am trying to find a storage place around Vancouver to leave a 40' motorhome for the summer time. Many places I called are full. Anyone knows of a safe place? Thanks!
  22. Guys, Blake was kind enough to let us leave our RV at his place. Thank you everyone for helping. Nice to be part of this family!
  23. Thanks Wolfe10. I'll wait to see if someone has any info.
  24. Either of the above. I don't need power. We are flying to Canada between Dec 20th- 31st. Being full time and on a budget we would like to avoid the $40 avarage per day leaving the RV in a regular RV park. I was surprised to see that most parks around the airport don't offer "parking" spots.
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