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  1. Called them today after pulling and bench testing inverter its definitely the problem. They quoted $1,000.00 to repair it as its 16 years old going to just replace it
  2. Actually the batteries needed replacement when I purchased the coach so we relied on the generator most of the time. When we needed to use the Boost feature to start the coach from the house batteries it became more of a priority. I knew the inverter was "short cycling' but thought it was just the batteries. A Google search turned up a Magnum repair shop about 30 miles away :-) I'll contact them tomorrow. Xantex gave me a dealer in Virginia UGH Thanks for your replies! I'll report back what the findings are it may help some other poor soul
  3. wolfe10 Avid boater but not Sailor currently running a 1972 Chris Craft Catalina 31 she isn't as old as the bride but she is just as temper mental :-) I agree much is working as advertised except dry camping. Yes the battery voltage at the lugs is 12.5V with all AC sources and engine off 13.8V engine running Batteries are 4 6Volt in series / parallel 500 Ah total. Also checked the battery isolator connections and battery maintainer too. Just strange it only inverts when the engines running. As I'm not the original owner (2nd) wondered if some of the connections were incorrect that's why I took it out of circuit and wired it direct to the batteries. It should have produced AC but it didn't? I'm pretty confident the issue is inside the inverter. I'm just stymied because it does work when the engines running?
  4. Just replaced all the house and coach batteries with Full River AGM's The chassis batteries were bad for a while and the coach batteries were overdue. Our Trace Engineering RV2012GS inverter has been giving me fits. Xantrex is of little help and seems to have outsourced support to a fellow with a script in India. Oh Joy. Everything is fine on Shore power and Generator and the Esco ES65N transfer switch is working fine. However when off shore and generator the inverter will run only a minute or 2 sometimes up to 10 minutes. Then it will stop inverting and flash every 4 seconds as if in search mode. However search mode is set to default (off). Stranger yet, if the coach engine is started the inverter switches to inverting and will remain on as long as the coach engine is running. I am suspecting the internal transfer switch relay is stuck in the pass thru mod and the alternator is somehow back feeding energizing the inverter? I disconnected the shore and DC power and AC outputs then waited an hour for the "Master reset". No change. I bypassed the coach wiring with #4 gauge jumper cables direct to the inverter terminals. No joy-- with direct DC from the batteries applied to the inputs no AC out was measured. Battery charger works fine in all 3 stages and confirmed same with DVM measurement at battery terminals. Short of pulling it and sending it out for repair I am out of ideas. Anyone have any?
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