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  1. This information is very helpful. I know it is a bit dated - I went to all of the sites/campgrounds and sent information to my wife. I know that some of these places book early. So we will be looking into the information now (January) for a July day.
  2. Greetings to all, I am very interested in hearing from all folks about the "use" of Motorhome with a family, young kids and pets. Trying to get this working for the family to have/take weekend trips to the beach; use in snow for winter. I am going to use this thing all year around... I bought an older "well used" but still clean motorhome with low miles to try out. I have a friend who has had both Class A & C. I like the A. So far very happy. There are little things I am learning. The first was the table in the dinette area broke. I purchased a piece of particle wood, but would really like the table back - any ideas? Second the lower outside doors - latching mechanisms broke. Need to replace them... no idea where to start. I am not cheap, but would like quality when I replace items. Not sure what the value should be on these things... Finally, I am wanting to add cameras - side and rear. again, not sure what works, doesn't and will use internet to research all suggestions. I can't wait to hear from folks. I have added a stock photo so everyone knows what I am using for my "memory maker." Cheers
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