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  1. If jacks are down for a long period of time then clean them off with a rag with ATF or if you can not crawl well spray generously with silicone spray and then you should have no issues
  2. I will be using a Blue Ox towing system and have not decided on a braking system at this point as I have one from our old car. Questions are: 1. Will mileage record while towing flat. 2. If you pull the 50 fuse block does that upset the computer information? 3. What experiences have other members have with the SUV and the tow system.
  3. Since you are new to RVing, have you considered a RV caravan tour? Here you make new friends and everything is planned for you down to inth degree including city tours and campgrounds.. Well, not everything, because our tour left us with plenty of time to explore on our own. It was really great, because we are from the West Coast and would have missed so much without this experience.
  4. I have traveled to Alaska on 3 occasions. Your first question is what typical vehicle goes to Alaska. Well, I have found it to be all over the map, but mostly large motorhomes and big 5th wheels.. If you see a class C, it more than likely will be a rental with either a British or a German family aboard. Bring a towed! As to damage, I personally have received more damage in the lower 48 than on the 2200-mile trip to Alaska. Windshield breakage rates among the highest damage receive. I found that trailers break axles due to excess speeds. Many areas of the road are under construction and when the sign says 25 km, it means 25 km. When we went on an organized tour, our wagon master told us everything we need to know about how to prevent damage. They, also, know what is the best speeds to travel. As I said, I have been to Alaska 3 times by road. The last two times was by organized RV group. I promise you I had the most fun here. Traveling with a group gives you safety, you have friends to share the grandeur and beauty of the tour with in the evening and you don't need to worry about getting those hard to get tickets for excursions. In addition, the leaders on these tours are familiar with little known and out of the way places. They are keyed into the weather, road conditions and forest fire alerts. So, they have alternatives in their hip pocket if a road closure happens. By all means investigate the RV caravan option. .
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