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  1. Thanx, guys for your input. I appreciate hearing details. Seajay, I would also like to hear what other site you found in Florida. We will be there the month of October. We've seen Orlando and the East coast but would enjoy info on the west coast and the panhandle (or whatever they call that area).
  2. Jay, thank you for your response. I am in the beginning stages of planning so will keep your email handy so I can pick your brain. We plan to head out next year in August. Have 6 months to explore AU and NZ. We want to as much as we can. If you travelled by car, did you stay in campgrounds?
  3. Hello, out there. Have any of you rented an RV and toured Australia for several months? I would appreciate your input and accounts of your adventures.
  4. Hi, All You Experienced RVers, My husband and I are planning a southeast trek from CA to the Florida Keys. We plan to arrive in Florida sometime in October. We were love to here your comments on staying in the Keys (Marathon, etc). And, what do we do when there are hurricaines (besides, get the H out of there)
  5. Hi Guys, Have you had any experience with staying in the Florida keys? We have a 40ft Safari with 3 slides. Do you have recommendation? We will be there in late October, early November. Look forward to your comments.
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