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  1. yes I checked fluid levels as well as diagnostics. Codes showed 43-12 which was solenoid short circuit. after 175 mile tow the problem ended up being the failure of the TCM (transmission computer module). Waiting for one to be freighted in (cost 3,900.00) wo we can get back on the road. Freightliner dealer was not able to locate any short, and there was no problem with solenoid. They used their service TCM, and were able to drive coach without problems. So we ordered new module.
  2. thanks for feed back, I will let you know what they find is the issue
  3. ecu or ecm is one item service guessed is issue, hoping just simple to fix (low $)
  4. Sorry for delay in answering, waiting for tow. default code is 42 13, a short in the solenoid circuit. We checked the battery terminals to see if tight. called freightliner/Allison they said we most likely have a TCM? we attempted to clear default code from shift pad w/o success.
  5. I have a 2005 Itasca Meridian 39k, 350hp Cat with 3000mh Allison transmission. We stopped along rural hwy for lunch, shut engine off. Went to restart and these lights came on, engine started but could not shift to drive. shut engine off, restarted in 5 min w/o issues. Stopped for night in small rural town in northeast Calif. Engine started next morning but again had red warning lights and transmission would not engage. New we are stuck, was told my freightliner that we would have to have towed in (175 miles), no fix w/o being put on computer. Does anyone have these issues and possible fix?
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