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  1. The factory installed HD Traveller sat antenna on my 2018Jayco Seneca and the DirecTV box give a 775 code (rcvr doesn't recognize antenna) after 3 months of inactivity. I usually call Direct TV tech support and they send a signal to the Direct TV box, which usually fixes the problem. NOT TODAY! They sent the signal and nothing changed. Anyone have any suggestions how I can resolve this continuing problem? This is getting old. Thanks!
  2. Pretty much the same comments at Crossing Over". We have the 2018 Seneca, and for the most part, it has been trouble free. 12K miles. Drives great. We had a dealer repair on the vertical seam where the truck cab meets the vertical side wall. Two screws backed out, causing the trim piece to pull away from the exterior wall. Other than extremely slow dealer response, everything fixed to our satidfaction. Love the Freightliner chassis and Cummins power.
  3. We had a used Mandalay diesel pusher for about 3 years, traded for a 2018 Jayco Seneca. Love the Seneca, especially the way it drives! Have no desire to go back to a DP.
  4. I second the Hoover RV park. Stayed there several times traveling through Alabama and visiting friends. Excellent.
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