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  1. Nicely put. Not sure if you can see what I responded, or if I did it correctly. I really believe that I have come to the right place to begin my journey and would like it if someday we could meet up a future FMCA rally. 5 years is not that far off, so again thank you again for your response. Take care.
  2. Thank you, Mr.Butler for taking the time to give me insight for my future endeavor. I have a long way to go to buy the motor coach of my dreams or the like. Since this is literally my first post, it will not be my last to gather as much as I can, "learning to buy motor coaches 101." I also started my research here just for the FMCA's reputation and the members experiences, generosity and knowledge. One day I want to give back what I have learned to a NEWBIE. Chat with you in the near future and hope to see you at a FMCA rally!
  3. I am 5 years short of retiring in the government after already retiring in the military (reserve). I often see websites for veterans to buy at discount prices, but don't really know if it is really a good deal. If I could start a forum for "The Beginner" to assist those people like myself to give them opportunity for buying a motorhome from start to finish it might also be helpful for the experienced RV owner. Including things such as size (does matter), horse power, amenities necessary (those veteran owners say they wish they included at the beginning), technical and communication support equipment, etc. I am grateful for any information you could provide. Thank you in advance. Jeff & Ingred.
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