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  1. Thank You for your service ! My late Father flew Hueys there in '66-'67.
  2. Moved to South Florida and I didn't have a place to store it indoors. It would have rotted in the blazing sun.
  3. Thanks, it does. I previously had Michelin's on my '78 GMC motorhome (16" and not XZE's) and they rode great. I will probably give them a shot.
  4. I am looking for new tires for my 2008 Winnebago Sightseer 26P. The tire size is 225 70R 19.5. Not a whole lot of choices in that size from any tire companies. The XZE's are available in that size and are discounted through the FMCA program. My hesitation is, when I do a search on that tire, so many older threads talk about the XRV tire, which isn't made in that size any longer. When I read the description of the XZE tire at Michelin, it makes it sound likes it's made for city buses and short haul truck that may encounter curbs more than a highway truck might. My supposition of that is, that they will ride rougher than an other type of tire might. Honestly, Michelin could do a lot better job describing specifics about these tires, like they do or do not recommend them for RV's or other applications. I've only found 1 or 2 posts using a google search, where someone actually talks about the XZE's ride, and those posts are 3+ years old. So, can someone elaborate on the ride, wear, traction, performance of the XZE tires on their RV ? I read negative reviews about Continental's and I've discovered that Hankook's in my specific size, are made in China. I'm not buying Chinese tires. Thanks.
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