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  1. I would try Blue Coral carpet and uphostery cleaner in the auto dep. at Walmart or Auto Zone.. Try a spot that won't show somewhere, if it works try the spots.. Mike M..
  2. We got tired of trying to clean them, the pleets were no longer pleets in the night part, just seemed like we were allows having to mess with them from the get go.. But they were 8 years old too..So we changed them out to the new MCD American duo day-night shades.. So far they're great.. Mike M..
  3. I would try Wesley's white side wall tire cleaner. Mike M.
  4. The excise tax on our '03 moho would have doubled over the personal property tax rate, and it would be every year.. It would, or should, go down as the moho gets older and loses value.. Plus you pay sales tax when you buy it in Indiana or if you buy in another state you pay the difference in sales tax to Indiana, or if the other state doesn't have sales tax, you pay all the Indiana sales tax.. For being the RV capital of the world they(Indiana) donen't treat the RV industry very well for the residents of Indiana.. Mike M..
  5. Are you sure there isn't one on the drain plug now?? Our "B" engine has one and it's an '03.. I would have thought that all newer engines would have one too.. Yes it would be good to have one if there isn't one now.. Mike M..
  6. Don, we use Blue Dawn(1 cap) and liquid Calgon(2 caps), using the Calgon bottle cap.. We also have used most everything out there without success.. We have never had a problem with odors from the gray tank but have with the Black tank.. I would suggest, if you haven't already, you install one of the rotating vents for, at least, the Black tank.. We got the metal one,can't remember the name, but it took away almost all of the odor, except while flushing.. Mike M..
  7. I would check the sensors on the air tank, engine oil, levelers, water in fuel, and so fourth, if you get my drift.. I have sealed all of these up and we don't get any chimes in the rain anymore.. Trouble is, I did them all at once and now I don't know which one it was, but I guess I don't care since we got it stopped.. Good luck with your hunt.. Mike..
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