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  1. Wow, I’d setup for email notifications on this thread and got none, so I stopped by to see if anyone had commented. My apologies for not checking back sooner. To clear a couple things up, I had stem-mounted TPMS and it beeped about the same time the BIG BANG happened so not much warning. I glance at the display every so often and about 15 mins before everything all looked normal. I’m going to try to attach a picture that I took of the tire once the guy unmounted it. So now I have a complete set of BFG tires and they seem to run “cooler” than the old Michelin’s did, maybe the wrong words but they don’t rise in temp while rolling as much as the Michelin’s did. The BFGs are of two 2018 DOT dates since I got 2 from wrecker service in TN and the other 4 from my local dealer, but I’m not sure that 6 weeks apart is that much to worry over. Had all 6 balanced when the last 4 went on, and Monday morning it gets front end aligned. Then I’m going to find a scale that will let me take the time to weigh each tire individually and then work out what the pressure setting should be. Running at the door placard pressure of 75 Front, 80 Rears right now. Hope that sounds like a good plan. heres the pictures (hope it works). Amazing part was the battery operated ratchet drill from Milwaukee that he used to change the tires. Didn’t think that would handle the truck lugs, but it did.
  2. Had my first tire failure today. My 2014 Minnie Winnie 31H came with Michelin LT225-75R16's with DOT date code 2713 (it's on a 2013 E450 chassis). I'd been watching tire aging on them and had decided that they needed replacing. Well today on I-81 just after the I-40 split the inner dual passenger side said "Bye", or more accurately "BANG". Called FMCA and got 2 recommendations on Michelin program. Dealer in Knoxville said "too busy, can't come out today". Dealer in Kingsport said "Don't have that tire and don't know anyone who does". Sigh. So called some wrecker services in Dandridge, TN and found one who said he'd go get the tires and come out to me. Decided to replace both tires on passenger side due to sidewall dry rot setting in. He found some BF Goodrich LT225-75R16 from the Commercial T/A Traction line. Got them mounted up and got my TPMS mounted with them (the old tire BANG also put a heck of a dent in the exhaust pipe which in turn crashed up into the side body panel so a little body work is in the future, but that's a different story). Once back on the road noticed the new tires running much cooler than the older Michelin's. My plan is to go to my local dealer and get 4 more of them, replacing the driver-side duals and both front tires. Ones today have DOT date 0318 so are relatively 'fresh'. Price was full retail plus the wrecker charges, but my insurance is covering a share of that. Of course the wrecker service didn't do anything like register the tires, but called BFG and they said to register online using DOT codes and take a picture of the serial numbers. Good thing cell phones are small. From reading all the experts here and at rvtiresafety.net it seems the best approach would be to have same tires on each axle, covers for UV protection when parked, get it aligned with the new fronts and probably re-weigh again to be sure pressure settings are accurate. Couldn't find a BFG Load Rating table, but since it's part of the Uniroyal/Michelin family I'm hoping Michelin's will be close enough. Am I missing anything? 5 year life seems a bit short but it sat in the sun for a year before we bought it. The rears have much more dry-rot than the fronts do. Thanks for all the good info out here..... Chuck
  3. On my '14 Minnie Winnie 31H they used the cheapest foam tape they could find to use as Storage Compartment door seals and now after a couple of years it takes real force (and the occasional screwdriver helper) to open them up as the stuff sticks like crazy. Plus the tape is shrinking and "cutting corners" across the corners so they're not really sealed. I'm thinking of using AP Products 018-1894 rubber j-bulb seal as a replacement. Certainly should be more durable and shouldn't suffer the kind of shrinkage that foam does. Basic idea is to remove all the old foam and all adhesive residues, then install the new seals all around. Any thoughts good or bad about that plan? Thanks, Chuck
  4. ...and while I'm late to this party, let me add a second vote to this suggestion. Just did it to my E450 also 31'6" length. Amazing difference in ride and handling. There are many things that contribute to 'good handling' but this set is sort of the basics. I'm too far from Henderson's to visit, but they sent me the kits and did it myself. Just wish I'd done it sooner.......
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