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  1. Thx to all for the help and info I am going to order the fan and bearing and thinking about trying it 😵! I have check with 2 repair place and they look at me like what that basement unit . We do not work on them. I am in Willow tree resort for a few more day and going back to Augusta Ga. Anyone know of a repair shop that will take this on?
  2. Thx for the info had it fix about 3years ago back came back last week.
  3. 2005 Winnebago Journey 36g Basement ac turns on but fan making noise . Its cooling off but noises. anything i can do?
  4. I am back in Augusta now and its working fine on ac. When I left Valdosta it was raining and it rain all the way to Augusta. got here a turned it on and its been working on both.
  5. Not sure what the issue was. Reset it 29 times on the door and it started to work. but it started to rain today and AC back out only LP.
  6. Thanks to all that reach out to me when I needed help with my issue with NO AC on my Norcold. After so much info from all the FAM, it is working on AC now. Whenever we meet up I owe all a cup of? and a Thank You!! No Perry GA. this year so?
  7. it works on LP now . when I change it to AC it displays no No AC and starts to beep.
  8. Yes all the light display is lit on you refrigerator its is LP and check all the fuses. it gets cold but no AC.
  9. Thank for the invite for coffee😐 but it is a bit far. I appreciate the help with my issue but I got it on LP but will not go to AC.
  10. ok so it will not ignite with out the modular if its red?
  11. Is there suppose to be a pilot light burning?
  12. Ok just check no yellow power the red light is just on. I unplug one of the connector on the modular and the red light goes out.Then it pops back on red. there are no light on the refrigerator.
  13. I tried the magnet will not trip. how do you by pass it until I get back to Augusta Ga?
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