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  1. It works, but getting old (2002) Like to replace it before I have problems.
  2. Looking at replacing my AC units on my 2002 Bounder. Currently I have Coleman Mach 2. 13000 & 13500 BTU. Would like some suggestions and want to make sure it will work with my current Intellect Climate Control System. What model would you use?
  3. bolo64

    ABS Light On

    You may need a new ABS sensor. You will need to have the shop put an ABS scan on your system to know the real problem. Clean the sensor at each wheel first and then pull the negative side of the battery for 5min. This will clear the codes and then drive for a few miles. The light will go off, if it comes back on then take it in to get looked at.
  4. Look for tips to install vinyl flooring..

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    Untitled Album

    Washington to Texas
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