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  1. First do not use the truck pumps only the auto/RV pumps. The fill tubes are almost at the same height as the top of the fuel tanks on many rigs. The top of the tank fills up very quickly when using the truck pumps. Not enough air can escape from the tank when filling at a fast and pressure builds up and spits the fuel in the filler tube back out. Another answer is to learn the amount of fuel your rig is going to need at different gauge readings and slow down ( a lot ) as it gets close to the amount your going to need. No vent tube is big enough to vent all the escaping air. Look at the size of the fuel fill on big trucks the large fill tube allows air to escape. I have had fuel spit back at me many times and I have learned that the best answer for me is using the Auto/RV pumps that fill slower and know how much I am fuel I need.
  2. Directv uses more satellites for its HD programming. Some old KVH tracking dishes are not capable of receiving HD. Many of the newer RV automatic dishes will not pick up all 4 of Directv HD satellites. (Limiting HD programming). All of Dish network HD programming is sent on three satellites that can be picked up by most of the newer tracking RV top satellite dishes( KVH, & Winegard). I just switched from Directv to Dish network after finding that my old KVH LM would not upgrade to any HD and many of the newer tracking dishes only offer limited Directv HD programming. Winegard a good price and were first to respond with excellent text support. Dish has been very helpful in the change over. Other than the above both networks offer similar products and values. I had Directv for 8 yrs the only complaint was losing local (Chicago) channels on the satellite when out of Directv local signal area. It was strange how that worked. I would get Chicago channels al over Lower Michigan,IN,Il, and loose them in Upper MI,MN & WI.When I applied for exemption I was always turned down without explanation. I really don't have any answers just a little lame information. I ended up with: Winegard Roadtrip SD (Stationary Tracking dish) Vizio Flatscreen
  3. Sam's Club had a wireless Peak brand 7" color screen for about $100. It has been on their auction sight for much less. I have had one for about a year. Works fine with a little interference static. I just put 1a 12v line filter on the power source for the camera to try to end the minor static. But I have not tested it on a rough road yet.
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