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  1. I recently purchased a 2000 Monaco Motorhome. It has a Norcold 1200 refrigerator in it. I am trying to get the icemaker going. It had been winterized by water lines being disconnected fro solenoid. I am not getting water to the solenoid. The owners manual says to turn on supply valve located on back side of water heater. That this valve will supply water to the icemaker solenoid. I am unable to locate such a valve. The copper line coming to the solenoid comes up from the sealed floor and I am unable to actually locate to where is arrives from. Can anyone help me out? Kenney
  2. Need to replace the carefree window awning straps on my coach. I know most areas talk of putting a pin thru the hole on end of awning then drill out rivets to remove awning end. However, I am noticing comments made to just drill a 3/8" hole at an angle into the groove for the strap. Have tried to locate video on such but unable to. I don't quite understand the exact location of drilling the hole into the tube. Can anyone help me? Thanks, Kenney
  3. Walt, just wanted to let you know that a fuse was the problem. Thanks
  4. I just purchased a 2000 Monaco Diplomat. It has tile on kitchen floor, and bath area. I have some cracked tile and would like to find a few to repair. They are an 8"x8" ceramic tile that are a cream color. Does any one know where these style of tile can be found? I checked with a local Lowes store and was told that for them to find it, it would have to had been purchased from Lowes originally. So they were of no help.
  5. Yes it is a Diplomat, diesel pusher. I will look at it and see is a fuse is blown in the bay area.
  6. Just purchased a 2000 Monaco 38A. The front ac is blowing the air out the defrost and not thru the dash vents. Can any body tell me how to correct this problem?
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