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  1. I've been through several brands and have found that the only one using common sense is from Rand McNalley. That's not to say it won't lead you astray, because has already been said, they will all do that at one time or another. No, my pet peeve has to do with a GPS that thinks you are a truck, regardless of whether it has information in it that says you are a motor home. When it thinks you are a truck, it assumes TRUCK speed limits and will light up your speed in red, and if you set the system to warn you if you exceed the posted limit, you'll hear it...over and over. I've spoken with Garmin and asked why, and the answer basically is...that's how it is. They indicated no intention to allow the GPS to differentiate. So, when using a Garmin, it will tell you that you are exceeding the posted TRUCK speed limit of 55 (or whatever) even though you are legally allowed to travel at car speeds in your motor home. In dash combination stereo/GPS units by Kenwood and Pioneer also use Garmin. Check with technorv.com if you are interested in the Rand McNalley. They have competitive prices and great support.
  2. I've seen some references in this forum to Mexico insurance, but what I'd like to know is where to get it. Can we get it for just a couple of months or does it require a six month policy like I've seen? We had one quote for six months for $2700 and I find I really don't want to go to Mexico that bad. I've not confirmed, but have heard that some policy's will give a rebate for the unused portion of a six month policy if it's not all used. Thoughts? Ideas? Input? Thanks, Tom and Sharon
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