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  1. HUD will display all the same info that is on a Freightliner dashboard display except it will display it on the windshield. That means temps for engine and transmission, pressures in air oil and tires from a tpms. All will be displayed on the windshield at a heads up level. They are currently used in big rig trucks now and also diesel PU trucks. Google and you will see.
  2. Does anyone know if they make a HUD for Cummins 340 engines in a 2015 Palazzo?
  3. Just tried to search the Rocky Mountain listing and it didn't work?
  4. Is there a Chapter in or near El Paso TX area. The one I found doesn't appear to do much! Thanks! Dave
  5. In my rig is a Whirlpool 18 cu. ft unit. As a 35+ yr retired appliance man you will have no problems with bumpy roads. As long as you don't make a habit out of it! The compressor internal motor is suspended by springs in oil. If you hear a loud clanking on start up or stopping of the compressor you broke a spring. (not replaceable) Hope this helps!
  6. I knew nothing of this law when I bought my coach. Dealer never said a word and insurance company never said a thing. The only way I found out the need for a license was on the Irv2 Forum. I took the written and driving test a week ago and passed. What if I was never to look on a forum and see this info. I would have been screwed if I was stopped or even worse I was in a crash and there was bodily injury or death. I shutter to think of it now! By the grace of GOD I thee go!!!
  7. Placed an order for a total of 33 dollars and have yet to receive it. Placed order 8-3-2015 check cashed and payed by my bank 9-9-2015. Spoke to girl a FMCA and he finally called back after leaving many messages on his machine with the help of the girl at FMCA.This was 2 weeks ago and said he would have my order to me in a week. Still waiting after many more unanswered phone messages left. I think FMCA should find a better and more reputable company! I guess I can kiss my money goodbye! Not to happy with Kelly mold or FMCA no help with one of their advertisers. Lesson learned! Feel like I have been dealing with Camping World! Another story!
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