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  1. When you used the term AC units it made me think that you may have wanted to run both of them, and that will not work at all, each of them very likely draws about 12 to 16 amps of current and you may well be able to run one of them, but not both, and all of the above comments on wire sizes and voltages are also very appropriate. You must be careful about the voltage being applied to the AC unit since voltage that is too low will damage the AC unit, and there is also the caveat about not overloading the coach wiring. All of that having been said, I have plugged my coach into a 15 amp receptacle in my house and run one AC unit at a time to check them out, but I do not run them for an extended period of time on that connection, it is too likely to overheat the cables for my taste, not that it can't be done, but I would be acutely aware of any abnormalities and especially overheating of any part of the coach or house wiring.
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