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  1. Thanks for the info. Radio Shack did the job and should be good to go for a long time with your comments. Thanks, Coutch
  2. Thanks for the information. I now have it fixed with the knowledge you gave. Thanks, Coutch
  3. After talking to dealers and repair shops as to the location for the OBD 2 Auto Scanner I've looked where they say it should be, but I still haven't located it. My ABS light comes on and off. If you turn the engine off and back on the light most of the time will go out. If I could locate the plug in I have the scanner to maybe tell me the problem. Thanks for any help you direct my way. Coutch
  4. I own a 1999 National Sea view 8330. When you turn on the 12 volt power switch a red light on the panel comes on and when turned off it goes out. It is the same size as the switch, like a rocker switch. This red light is burned out and I'm looking for a replacement or change the system. Thanks for any help you can give. Coutch
  5. I have a 1999 National Seaview on a F550 Ford chassis. The blower motor works on low, medium but not on high. The owners guide shows there is a fuse 15A for blower relay coil and in the power fuse box 40A Blower notor relay contacts. Before I take things apart I would like some direction or is there a relay or module on the blower? Thanks for any help, Coutch
  6. Thanks for the information. I have on order both switches and they should be in this week. Thanks for the help. Coutch
  7. I own a 1999 Seaview class motorhome mfg. by National on a Ford chassis. I've tried RV dealers and camping world to see if I could obtain some type of an electrical and plumbing layout on this coach. I have been told the mfg. has so many models that they don't have any detail layouts available. Knowing the knowledge of the members of FMCA in this formum I'm looking for some help. If anyone can direct me where I might find or obtain these plans it would be very helpful. Thanks, Coutch
  8. I have a Generac generator in my motorhome. It would stop after 10 minutes but would start right back up and run for about 10 minutes, then stop again. I pulled the ground wire off the oil safety switch but still encountered the same problem. In checking the wiring, I discovered that both the oil and temp switchs were on the same hot wire. I disconnected the hot wire, and the generator ran for an hour with and without a load until I shut it down. Is there a way to check either switch to find the bad one? Or should I replace both and hope this was the real problem. Any comments are welcomed. I don't want to use the generator without the proper equipment. Thanks, Coutch.
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