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  1. I fought a black tank odor for years only to discover that the vent pipe had come loose from the grommet it sits in. Go online and get the plumbing schematics for your coach-- locate the vent pipe. Access should be through one of the interior vent panels on the wall somewhere. Make sure that is tight and in place. Almost sold my coach because nobody, including Winnebago suggested checking the vent pipe where is connects to the tank. Mark Whichard 2008 Winnebago Voyage
  2. I have been battling the sewer odor for 5+ years in my class A 2008 Winnebago Voyage. Sometimes it was there and sometimes it wasn't. Several RV mechanic's and several emails to Winnebago yielded ZERO results, Either couldn't duplicate the problem or locate the source. Put new "mission couplers" on the black and gray outlets with some OK results but did not solve the problem. Bought a video display unit with a 3' camera lead on it. Looked and looked inside and outside the tanks and could not see a problem. I finally solved the problem with a little insistence from the wife. In the hallway between my bathroom and the galley and below my control panel was a wall mounted vent screen to provide air to the mail wiring chase, after removing the screen and moving all the wires inside to one side and low-and-behold way back in the corner was a sewer vent pipe. Grabbed the pipe and it seemed a little lose, put the camera down there and saw the top of the black tank was extremely dirty, twisted the pipe a little and there was the inlet for the vent pipe to rest in and I could see inside the tank. I guess I found the problem. I had to remove a small section of paneling which was very easy to do so I could get good access to the pipe, Put some sealer on it, shoved it back into the 1 1/2 rubber grommet on the top of the tank, secured it with 2 clamps that I attached to the framing of the wall, reinstalled the small piece of paneling and the corner molding (which came off way to easily) You would never know today that I used to drive the Sewer RV. It could get very smelly in there while on the road! Hope this helps someone down the road. Mark Whichard 411714
  3. Check for Toyo's. I just replaced my rear michlin's saved several hundred in the meantime.
  4. I had the same issue, could not find and 235-80R 22.5 for my coach, the very few I could find were old stock, Both the XZE and the XRV are on national back order. Looking for alternates I found the TOYO 245-75R 22.5 almost identical in size but at a much lower cost. I did check with a few tire pro's I have know for years and all said the TOYO's would be a great tire for my RV.
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