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  1. We are making an RV trip out west in mid-June and I just read where the route I planned on from Rapid City, SD to Cody, WY was not safe for motor homes. Specifically, I am talking about from I-90 west on US14 or US16 …. both are listed as not recommended for trucks and motor homes. It appears I could take I-25 south to Casper and then US20 and US16 west but that is going really out of way. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
  2. We purchased a 2018 KIA Soul base model with standard transmission 2 weeks ago to flat tow behind our motor home. Both the FMCA 2018 towing guide and the one from the other major motor home. magazine list our car as being flat towable as configured. Also, the salesman confirmed the dealership sells several of them for that purpose. The owner’s manual has no information on flat towing, which is concerning. I contacted KIA through an online chat to find out what the necessary steps were to flat tow and was told by the representative that he could not provide that information but would refer my question to someone that could. I have yet to receive a response. I also contacted their customer service by email with the same question and have not received a response to date. Common sense tells me that after attaching the vehicle to the tow bar that you would place the transmission in neutral and release the parking brake. I’m also pretty sure that you would have to turn the ignition switch to accessory to avoid locking the steering wheel. The unanswered questions are do I need to pull any fuses, start the engine every so many miles or hours and ,if so, how long does it need to be run? I found another forum on this matter but it related to older model Souls. I understand there were some significant changes to the car in 2017 and I imagine the 2018 models are the same except for cosmetic changes. I would be most grateful if anyone can provide some guidance on this matter. Flat towing 2018 KIA Soul.pdf
  3. I have been researching this issue for all my utility ports and have located two vendors that sell devises that appear will do the job. www.RVCritterGuard.com which advertises in Family Motor Coaching and www.SewerSock.net . Since your power cord opening is on the side I think the Critter Guard is your best bet and is $5 less than the Sock. If anyone has used one of these products or knows someone who has, I would love to hear your thoughts before I order one.
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