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  1. We are staying at "Up the Creek" when we arrive in/near Pigeon Forge. have really no idea what all we'll encounter over there - we have a boy at school at Auburn and he's going to drive up and spend some time with us there. Just think it sounds beautiful and we're up for an adventure! Hope we survive the traffic getting to our campground though! Yes, appreciate any and all input on where to stay, either RV park or pull over and stop places. We've actually never done that - just pull off and sleep like at a Walmart or Flying J. kind of scary sounding so any suggestions you all can make would be great!! we've just owned "Aunt Bea" our motorhome for a year now. We are in our early 40's and are having fun with this adventure! We are actually from NW Okla, but figure we can make it to at least Shawnee, or even as far as Russellville AR before we need to stop that first day after youngest daughter gets out of school. Then hope to make it past Nashville the second day so the third day is easy going as we enter what sounds like a very busy area before getting to the campground.
  2. well maybe I should have clarified - I think we will be wanting to stop somewhere about Shawnee or maybe we could go as far as Ft. Smith the first night, sorry for the confusion! then the second night we could get either west or maybe east side of Nashville.
  3. We are taking off on a fall break trip with our '93 Vogue Prima Vista 40' motorhome, towing an MDX here in about two weeks. We are headed to the Great Smoky Mountains. Can anyone suggest quick, overnight stops between about Shawnee Okla and the stateline/Ft. Smith AR. and then again on the east side of Nashville TN? We are fairly new to all this. have a great campground to end up at in TN but really don't want to do much other than pull over and sleep on the way. thank you for any help you can give!
  4. We are new owners of a '93 Vogue Prima Vista this fall. We are super excited to take some more trips in her. We have 17 year old and 10 year old daughters. They would like to go to the beach for spring break (We are from Okla). Kind of overwhelming to choose a location - can you please give advice? would like to avoid the largest spring break college crowds too. We are open for anywhere from TX to NW Florida. and of course, reservations are going to be hard to come by the longer we wait! Thank you in advance!
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