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  1. jpaflag

    Fuel Separator

    Thanks for the replies. There is no secondary filter and no manual pump. I've tried to start about 10 times and it seems to want to but I don't want to wear the battery out. Ill keep trying.
  2. jpaflag

    Fuel Separator

    2002 Alfa see-ya with cat 3126E 330hp Hello forum. It is nice to have a place where other owners can share their experiences. I bought this coach over a year ago and had the fluids changed engine,tranny. Recently I had the radiator flushed. Today after reading a maintenance schedule It said to drain the water from the bowl of the fuel separator. As I was draining I couldn't tell if there was water draining from the bowl so I tried to close the drain but it wouldn't close tightly and was still draining until I got a wrench to tighten it close. Now it won't start Tried to start it many times with no luck Am I missing something simple to get the engine to start Any suggestions anyone ever had this problem? Where can I call for help? Thanks in advanced
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