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  1. To; Wolfe I called Marty's business. An associate told me that Marty was in house taking calls. We discussed options and ended the discussion by telling me that he would check with a friend with matching tires for the ones currently on my motorhome. We essentially got nowhere. From my perspective he seems a bit contentious and very sensitive to questions.I'm sure that may be because of his current life situation.In any event I have decided to pursue an engineering technician thru one or more tire companies. Thank you as your help is appreciated! Brad
  2. To; Bill Wolfe10 I have contacted him, a few days ago,he to told me use tires like the ones on the vehicle (original). I did some looking and found out about the China issue. At his suggestion, I called some Firestone Dealers. A truck tire dealer in Santa Rosa told me that since they were foreign owned they carried these tires.He also told me he did not push the tires,on quality issues. The overkill issue w/ tires is not settled yet, just a suggestion on the part of my friends and not carved in stone yet. I also called him this morning and spoke w/ an employee who told me that Marty's wife had died. Marty is currently dealing w/ the aftermath. I will call again tomorrow. Brad
  3. Manholt, A wad of cash is why I am doing this, could not agree more. The hubs on vehicle are 5lug on 4.75 centers,can not find any w/ rims to fit. I believe the hubs are a BUDD product and are so marked. The last thing I want to do is mess with vehicles geometry. For what; I hope to bring this vehicle into the 20th. Century and make my life a little easier and safer.
  4. To Wolfe&Manholt I am certain that the tires sold by Firestone,BigO and others are from China currently the only manf. source. There is a long list of unsatisfied customers related to the Chinese product. I have a service that will remove the centers from my original rims and weld them to new 19.5 rims or any other choice. What I need is a tire approx. 30ins. in height with a load capacity of 4800lbs. and properly centered rims. If I go out in the boonies somewhere I would have more confidence in a common,readily available tire.
  5. For Wolfe 10 I appreciate your efforts,however,I have been unable to find anyone who has actually done this particular modification as yet, any other thoughts? Thank you, Brad
  6. Reply to Wildebill 308 Single tires all the way around (original) sizes in topic. I have availability to modify, as 16.5's have gone the way of the dinosaur. Is this something you have done?
  7. The Revcon has 10-16.5 8ply front and 12-16.5 rear tires. After much research I find that the quality 16.5 tire has gone the way of the dinosaur. I have come to the conclusion that a possible way is to modify the rims to a 19.5 steel radial commercial tire,all the way around.Raising the rear end some might be necessary, other than that the 19.5 tires should be good all the way round (goal of one tire size the aim). I would appreciate any and all comments or ideas relative to my plan! Thank you Brad
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