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  1. I bought a used Pace Arrow Class A at Camping World in Holiday FL in Oct.'13. I bought the best Good Sam 2 year coverage for almost $4000.00. Before we left the lot I told them the Norcold fridge did not seem right. The tech said it just needed to be left on awhile. Well, it did not work and went back. They replaced the board. Warranty covered that, $100.00 deductible. I fought that one and won. Went home, camping next week, died again. This time the sensor that had already been replaced by warranty. Two weeks later,more problems with it, more fixes, lasted a month this time. Then it worked for one weekend and stopped. Seems now, if the factory kitchen light was on, the fridge would stop if you opened and closed the door. Camping World has the coach a week and did not discover this, I did and took it back again. Then came time for our big trip to New England. I took the coach in for a good inspection and told them I really needed the fridge to work. Well, we made it from Fl. to Ga. before a Wal Mart run for coolers and ice. Once at RI, went to a dealer, another $100.00 deductible. Took it back, lasted 1 hour and quit. In speaking with the service manager, he advised that GOOD SAM does not replace anything. All we could do is hit and miss or leave it there for a few days while they tried different things. Well, we were living in it! So, I dumped it and bought a new coach and salvaged the vacation. I canceled the remainder of the warranty and got back a whopping $75.00 after cancellation fees. Never again, no Good Sam, no Camping World.....
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