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  1. My husband spoke to the place that service our RV and they tell us they install Magnum inverters over Xantex. People seem to like them better. They have two 20 mps, bit pricey. The coach is wired for 50 amp shorepower. Your right Rich, circuit powers kitchen outlets, microwave, fridge and gfi outlets. Yup, noticed that the power for the satellite was down too.
  2. My inverter/charger got fried in our RV. I found out that the model we have is discontinued and was told that 81-2022-12 was the replacement one. The problem is my old model is 20/20 amps and the replacement model is 20/15 amps. I am concerned that since it is lower in amps if the new one will handle the load. Has anyone replaced their inverter/charger with lower amps.
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